Reduce The Risk of Ergonomic Injuries

Stop the pain before it becomes a worker’s compensation case.

Increase productivity. Improve quality of work produced. Boost morale.

Ergonomics is the art and science of making an environment fit the tasks for the worker. Since every body is different, a "one size fits all" approach isn't the most effective. Our customized remote assessments help to ensure that the solutions fit the individual worker's needs and reduce the risk of injuries.

A customized employee ergonomic assessment may make the difference between a worker’s compensation case (or not).

In most cases, only small changes are needed to improve your work station ergonomics and help you work more comfortably.  Since we do customized assessments, you can try out different suggestions and give honest, real time feedback for the best results. Work shouldn’t hurt!

Early Intervention Is important!

If you have tingling, numbness, or pain in your neck, hands or wrists that won’t go away, schedule your assessment today.

Quick Tips For Setting
Up Your Workspace

  1. Adjust the chair height so your elbows are at about desktop level.

2. Adjust seat back for good support of the lower back, using a lumbar pillow if needed.

3. If your seat has a tilt feature, set this so you are comfortably supported.

4. If your feet don’t reach the floor or there is pressure on the backs of your legs, use a footrest or lower the keyboard

5. Locate your monitor so the top of the viewing area is at or below eye level.

6. With elbows desk level, your wrists should be straight. If you have armrests try to adjust them so they support your arms.

7. Locate the mouse next to the keyboard so both elbows are by your sides while working. Use your mouse pad to soften the edge of the desk. 

8. Avoid pressing your hands or forearms against any sharp edges on the desk.

9. Adjust screen brightness and contract for clear viewing, and clean the screen frequently.

The EAV onsite In-depth Assessment

  • Reserved for individuals living in Ventura County, California USA
  • An on-site ergonomic evaluation looks at a specific job and its surrounding environment. The point is to identify all the essential functions and tasks necessary for someone to perform the job. Companies that are serious about worker safety use ergonomic evaluation to improve their hiring process. Our clients also use this assessment to improve management of workers’ comp claims.
  • Our On-Site Assessment Is extremely effective because it is very specific. Our ergonomic specialist conducting the evaluation can see how tasks are performed in real-life working conditions. A particular type of job – say, housekeeper or warehouse worker – might be similar from one place to another. But every company has different physical facilities and procedures. That makes every job environment unique.
  • An on site, one-hour in-depth ergonomic analysis of a work station or site
  • A detailed written report with observations and suggestions to reduce risk of injury and pain and to increase productivity
  • A post-evaluation follow-up visit or call (your choice) to fine tune any changes or answer any questions about implementation
  • Ideal for documenting and tracking worksite injury reduction (great for reducing worker’s comp cases and making sure a minor issue doesn’t become major)

Customized Remote Assessments

$195- $850
  • Available as a single or in a 5 pack of assessments for multiple users. Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura provides customized remote assessments using Zoom. Our trained experts review your pictures and use a Zoom meeting to educate and implement ergonomic recommendations. A written summary will be emailed and a follow up in 2 weeks helps ensure the recommendations are working.
  • Our Customized Remote Assessment and consultation process examines the dynamic relationship and interactive nature of the person, the work environment, and job demands. Assessments include completion of an OSHA - compliant checklist with personalized recommendations and modifications for each person being assessed, performed by a licensed and certified ergonomic specialist. Services are designed to increase job comfort, enhance work performance, and decrease the likelihood of work-related injuries. Our services are shown to substantially increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention.
  • Send us 4 pictures of you working at your space
  • You'll schedule your customized 30 minute Zoom video consultation to give you customized advice and answer your questions
  • An emailed summary of recommendations with live links to any recommended product examples
  • We’ll follow up in 2 weeks to ensure that you have the information you need to reduce workstation discomfort

Ergonomics Expert Consulting

  • EAV offers comprehensive remote ergonomic assessment and training services to groups and individuals. Services include: ⭐ Individual ergonomic evaluations for work-from-home, or office, workspaces. Personalized to the client’s workspace and work routine. ⭐ Live ergonomics webinars, customized to work-from-home, or specific office workstation set-ups. Educates participants on office ergonomics and guides them through setting up their workspace ergonomically. We provide personalized remote assessments for work-from-home and office workspaces. ⭐ Remote ergonomic training services include live webinar ergonomic workshops customized to a group’s unique work-space needs. We can tailor remote trainings to the makes and models of your specific office equipment, or to employees working from home.
  • On-call for your organization on a monthly contract basis
  • Includes both the Customized Remote Assessment and the Onsite In-depth Assessment services for companies looking to implement an ergonomic program
  • Great for mid- to large-size companies looking to evaluate numerous employees' workstations or commit to a long-term subcontract agreement
  • EAV will be your go to in-house ergonomic consultant and will likely team with your Human Resources or Facilities Department to develop standard processes and procedures.
5 star review for Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura

"Getting assessed was the best thing I ever did. As an IT professional, my livelihood depends on using a computer, mouse, and keyboard 5 days a week for extended periods. Steph was absolutely great to work with, made some really keen observations, and with some minor adjustments, I feel so much better. I’m even typing faster with an adjustment she made to my keyboard.” - Kristen Walker

Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura
5 star review for Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura

"I am an Editor, and my neck and upper back have hurt for years because I sit at a desk, in front of a computer for at least 40 hours a week. I contacted Stephanie Joyce for a remote ergo assessment. I answered a few questions on a form that she provided, and sent her a few pictures of me (from different angles) sitting at my desk. The next day I received the assessment and we discussed it over the phone, and she provided great advice and tips about what I could do to correct the issues. I made her suggested changes to my workstation over a month ago and my neck and upper back stopped hurting right away. I am extremely impressed with Stephanie’s professionalism and her knowledge of ergonomics. I am so thrilled and thankful for her invaluable service, and I will recommend her to everyone I know!” - Julie T.

We can help you create a healthy, comfortable work space.

Our customized assessments will help you work more comfortably and reduce the risk of Permanent musculoskeletal Disorders.