Onsite In-Depth Assessment


An Onsite, One-Hour In-Depth Ergonomic Analysis Of A Work Station Or Site That Includes A Detailed Written Report.

*Reserved for individuals living in Ventura County, California USA



An onsite ergonomic evaluation looks at a specific job and its surrounding environment. The point is to identify all the essential functions and tasks necessary for someone to perform the job. Companies that are serious about worker safety use ergonomic evaluation to improve their hiring process. Our clients also use this assessment to improve management of workers’ comp claims.

Our On-Site Assessment Is extremely effective because it is very specific. Our ergonomic specialist conducting the evaluation can see how tasks are performed in real-life working conditions. A particular type of job – say, housekeeper or warehouse worker – might be similar from one place to another. But every company has different physical facilities and procedures. That makes every job environment unique.

  •  An on site, one-hour in-depth ergonomic analysis of a work station or site
  •  A detailed written report with observations and suggestions to reduce risk of injury and pain and to increase productivity
  •  A post-evaluation follow-up visit or call (your choice) to fine tune any changes or answer any questions about implementation
  •  Ideal for documenting and tracking worksite injury reduction (great for reducing worker’s comp cases and making sure a minor issue doesn’t become major)


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