Customized Remote Assessment


A Customized 30 Minute Video Consultation To Give You Customized Advice And Answer Your Questions



Our virtual remote ergonomic assessment and consultation process examines the dynamic relationship and interactive nature of the person, the work environment, and job demands. Assessments include completion of an OSHA – compliant checklist with personalized recommendations and modifications for each employee, performed by a certified office ergonomic specialist. Services are designed to increase job comfort, enhance work performance, and decrease the likelihood of work-related injuries. Our services are shown to substantially increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

  •  Send us 4 pictures of you working at your space
  •  We’ll schedule your customized 30 minute video consultation to give you customized advice and answer your questions
  •  An emailed summary of recommendations with live links to any recommended product examples
  •  We’ll follow up in 2 weeks to ensure that you have the information you need to reduce workstation discomfort


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