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The Best Ergonomic Assessments For A Pain-Free Work Life

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ergonomic injuries
are workplace injuries.

Take Your Workstation Health Seriously. Prevent Pain Now With An Assessment.

If your body’s hurting and you think it might be from your work setup, it’s time to fix it.  Minor aches and pains can turn into permanent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). 

If discomfort isn't addressed It can become an expensive and painful workplace injury.

5 star review for Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura

"After the in-office assessment, Stephanie provided me with a detailed report that included several recommendations and products to prevent future workplace injury. So helpful, highly recommend.” - Tobie M

Do You Want To Improve Your Work Wellness?

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#1 Are you or your employees experiencing Back, Neck, Or Sitting-Related Pain?

#2 Would you like to increase morale, productivity, and reduce the risk of work related injuries?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, roughly 1 in 6 U.S. workers, some 26 million people, worked either partly or fully from home.  If you’re one of these people, you may be noticing new aches and pains that you didn’t have at the office.  Let’s fix that before it gets worse.

Do You Need A workstation Ergonomic assessment?
5 star review for Ergonomic Assessments of Ventura

"I am straining a lot less, typing with ease, and feeling great. Don’t wait to get your evaluation—you won’t believe the difference even some minor changes can make in terms of how you work and how you feel!” - Kristen W

Give your body What it needs to work comfortably...

Adapt The Workstation To Support Your Posture!

The way you work is impacted by your physical environment- sometimes that’s a desk, sometimes it’s the kitchen table.  When you’re in the right position you should feel comfortable without having to do a lot of work to maintain the position – the right set up will support you. If you’re having trouble getting comfortable we can help with a customized ergonomic assessment.

When the workstation doesn't fit the worker long-term health problems can follow.

By customizing a workstation to fit a person's individual needs there's a better chance of maintaining a healthier working position.

Onsite In-depth Assessment

  • Reserved for individuals living in Ventura County, California USA
  • An on site, one-hour in-depth ergonomic analysis of a work station or site
  • A detailed written report with observations and suggestions to reduce risk of injury and pain and to increase productivity
  • A post-evaluation follow-up visit or call (your choice) to fine tune any changes or answer any questions about implementation
  • Ideal for documenting and tracking worksite injury reduction (great for reducing worker’s comp cases and making sure a minor issue doesn’t become major)

Customized Remote Assessment

  • Send us 4 pictures of you working at your space
  • We’ll schedule your customized 30 minute video consultation to give you customized advice and answer your questions
  • An emailed summary of recommendations with live links to any recommended product examples
  • We’ll follow up in 2 weeks to ensure that you have the information you need to reduce workstation discomfort

Ergonomics Expert Consulting

  • On-call for your organization on a monthly contract basis
  • Includes both the Customized Remote Assessment and the Onsite In-depth Assessment services for companies looking to implement an ergonomic program
  • Great for mid- to large-size companies looking to evaluate numerous employees' workstations or commit to a long-term subcontract agreement
  • EAV will be your go to in-house ergonomic consultant and will likely team with your Human Resources or Facilities Department to develop standard processes and procedures.

We Believe The Ergonomic workplace Is Broken Up Into 3 Key Areas of Importance


From hospitals to banks, offices or cubicles: research shows that your working environment can effect your performance. Some of the key areas include: Light and glare, Acoustics, Climate, Visually restful (organized) space, lack of distractions.


How often are you getting up and moving during your workday? It's easy to forget to take frequent movement breaks when you're 'in the zone'. But we all know that not moving enough can have big consequences: anxiety, cardiovascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, kidney stones, neck pains, pinched nerves and lower back pain. Our customized remote assessments will help you find the right way to ensure you're getting the movement you need during your workday.


Every body is different and the way each body works at their workstation is different. And these days 'workstation' can mean so many different things! Sofa, patio table, and a million other places that make up the place we do our work on computers. That's why just picking up an 'ergonomic' keyboard isn't the best way to fit the environment/task to the worker. Some folks hate those ergonomic keyboards/mouse/wrist rest etc., so finding just the right solution for each person can be daunting. We provide customized assessments that allow the person to give input into what feels right! And when it feels right, they'll use it.

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Stephanie Joyce is certified by The Back School

Stephanie Joyce MS, OTR/L CEAS is a licensed occupational therapist and certified ergonomic assessment specialist. As the principal ergonomist for EAV, she will put her training and experience to work for you to collaborate with your team to find solutions to workplace pain points - and where there’s collaboration there’s higher success. Get in touch with EAV now to reduce your worker’s comp costs and create a healthier workplace.

It's Time. Work Shouldn't Hurt.

Do you want to check if your workstation is ergonomic? Is your wrist or neck hurting and you’re not sure why? Want to make sure that when you hear “sitting is the new smoking,” you don’t freak out that it’s about you?

EAV Ergonomic Specialist, Stephanie Joyce, has gathered a vast set of knowledge about safe interaction with technology and helped hundreds of workers create healthy workspaces and habits, by using years of experience from working with patients in hospitals and clinics, along with a Masters Degree in Occupational therapy.

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